Water Chemistry

Beauty Pools offer you everything you need to keep your pool and spa looking great. We carry a full line of BioGuard and Spa Guard chemicals to make maintenance easy. We offer free computerized water testing and maintenance planning. We also have all the tools, brushes and cleaners to keep your pool looking beautiful.

Testing your pool water is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do for your pool. Keeping your pool water balanced will keep the pool looking and feeling great and reduce maintenance time. We make it easy at our Beauty Pools retail store, just bring us a sample once a month and we’ll test and analysis your water using our computerized ALEX Aqua Analysis Software. We’ll develop an easy to follow customized maintenance plan for your pool. In addition to professionally testing your pool once a month you should also test your pool weekly at home. This has never been quicker and easier with Aqua Check Select Test Strips you’ll know the condition of your pool water in seconds.